Season 2022-2023

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Fall 2022


a new solo show by Megan Gogerty
Directed by Saffron Henke
Sept 9 – Oct 2, 2022

When comedian Megan Gogerty gets bit by a chipmunk in her backyard, it sets off an increasingly-alarming chain of disasters for her and her family. A comedy about love, sex, and existential dread, CHIPMUNK’D is the play for when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
(World Premiere)


by Conor McPherson
Directed by Adam Knight
Oct 14 – 30, 2022

A blustery night at a small rural bar in Ireland. As the cold sets in and the pints are consumed, a series of ghost stories reveals the deep things haunting the folks gathered there.
(Olivier Award for Best Play, 1999)


by Annie Baker
Nov 25 – Dec 11, 2022

In a rundown movie theatre in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees sweep up popcorn in the empty aisles and tend to one of the last 35mm projectors in the state. The Flick pays tribute to the power of movies and paints a heartbreaking portrait of three characters and their working lives.
(Pulitzer Prize, 2014)

Spring 2023


by Lee Blessing
Directed by Ron Clark
Jan 26 – Feb 12. 2023

The 1980s. Two superpower arms negotiators (one American, one Russian) go on a series of nature walks in Geneva to negotiate nuclear nonproliferation.


by Maria Irene Forn├ęs
Directed by Juliana Kleist-Mendez

One of the seminal plays of the 20th Century… an experimental work that explores feminism and sexuality, employing a unique theatrical device. The audience gathers as usual to watch a play with drawing room aesthetics about eight women planning a fundraiser. Then the audience is separated into four groups to watch four separate scenes take place: a kitchen, a garden, a bedroom, a study. Each of these private scenes reveals the more complex longings and fears of the characters, often in dream imagery that create a sense of uncomfortable intimacy. The audience then regathers in the drawing room for a dry-run of the fundraiser in which things hidden get unearthed.