Board of Directors


Amy Kanellis
Vice Chair:
Stephanie Manning
Most recent Past Co-Chairs:
Lois Cox
Cindy Schmidt
Derek Logas

Connie Alt
Mark Brockmeyer
Wallace Chappell
Aaron Greenwald
Uri Lessing
John Loomis
Rachel McPherson
Jeremy Mims
Marnie Saeugling
Mel Schlachter
James Throgmorton
Weijing Wu
Laurie Zaiger

Being a part of the Riverside Theatre board has become my passion. I believe strongly in the mission of the theatre and I believe that Riverside is a crucial, captivating part of the artistic world we are so fortunate to have in our area. The people I have met – from the artistic staff to my fellow board members – have enhanced my life beyond measure. Riverside productions have been an integral part of the arts community for decades. As we look forward to a new space and offerings that will continue to engage audiences for years to come I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Riverside family!”

— Amy Kanellis