Board of Directors


Amy Kanellis
Vice Chair:
Uri Lessing
Most recent Past Co-Chairs:
Lois Cox
Cindy Schmidt

Connie Alt
Sarah Cavanaugh
Wallace Chappell
Derek Logas
John Loomis
Stephanie Manning
Ana Merino
Marnie Saeugling
Mel Schlachter
James Throgmorton
Weijing Wu
Laurie Zaiger

Being a part of the Riverside Theatre board has become my passion. I believe strongly in the mission of the theatre and I believe that Riverside is a crucial, captivating part of the artistic world we are so fortunate to have in our area. The people I have met – from the artistic staff to my fellow board members – have enhanced my life beyond measure. Riverside productions have been an integral part of the arts community for decades. As we look forward to a new space and offerings that will continue to engage audiences for years to come I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Riverside family!”

— Amy Kanellis