Will Power


Riverside teaching artists offer Shakespeare workshops that can be tailored to any Shakespeare play you are teaching. These workshops can be 1-, 3-, or 5-day workshops (each workshop lasting the length of one class period).

What Is Past Is Prologue: Shakespeare Then and Now

Travel back to the world of Shakespeare’s England, understanding the many aspects that went into the creation/content of his plays. Then travel back to the present to learn more about how the issues of Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant today. 

Trippingly On The Tongue: Shakespeare’s Language

Learn how Shakespeare invented words and used language to create characters and tell heightened stories through the use of verse and prose, including the structure of iambic pentameter.

Thinking Makes It So: Understanding the World of the Play

Explore the plot, characters, and themes of the play while making personal connections to the material. 

Players Well Bestowed: Acting and Scene Study

Practice classical acting techniques to make bold, expressive acting choices individually and in collaboration with peers. Then collaborate to put all of the pieces of a scene together, culminating in a classroom performance. 

All the World’s A Stage: Designing Shakespeare

Every show needs a stage on which to perform and Shakespeare plays have been performed in so many different ways. What would a modern-day Romeo wear? How does music change the feel of a story? Learn how design elements bring a show to life and begin to visualize the World of the Play using your own interpretation of the text.

Consider a unit-long residency!

Riverside is excited to offer a more personalized classroom experience that brings teaching artists together with educators to plan a full unit of Shakespeare. Together, the classroom teacher and teaching artist will match state standards and lesson ideas with the power of theatrical principles as applied in the classroom. 

To learn more and schedule your classroom workshop – please contact Riverside’s Education Coordinator, Kathleen Johnson


Thanks to generous funding by MidWestOne Bank – Will Power is available at no cost to schools. MidWestOne Bank is proud to be a funding sponsor for Will Power and is pleased to lend continued support. At MidWestOne we believe in supporting local events that positively impact the community. It is important to raise our children with the opportunity to explore new ideas and discover new dreams.