Riverside Theatre’s Production Talkbacks

Riverside is excited to invite you to attend post-show talkbacks with the cast, the artistic staff, and members of the greater community after select performances. These talkbacks offer a unique opportunity to engage with members of the creative team on the process of creating a production, as well as the larger themes and societal contexts addressed in the show. 

Talkbacks are free and open to all. If you have chosen another date to see the show, please consider coming just for the talkback.

 Fefu and Her Friends Talkbacks:

Sunday, March 12th – 4:15pm (following the 2pm show)

  • The Cast and Creative Team will sit down with Miriam Gilbert to discuss the content and creative process of the production.

Sunday, March 26th – 4:15pm (following the 2pm show)

  • The director, Juliana Frey-Mendez & University of Iowa professor Dr. Jen Buckley will discuss Maria Irene Fornes, her play Fefu and Her Friends, and her role in the 20th century theatre landscape.

Riverside Theatre’s Community Conversations

After select performances, Riverside will open our lobby for a social hour where our audience can gather to explore both their understanding of the play and their connection with others. In addition to grabbing a drink or a snack, we hope these community conversations will allow audience members to discuss what they just saw through specific cultural and social lenses. Join us as we create space for conversation and connection.

Community Conversations are free and open to all who attend a production. If you have chosen another date to see the show, please consider coming back for just the community conversation as well. 


 Fefu and Her Friends Community Conversations

Sunday, March 19th – 4:15pm (following the 2pm show)

  • Women in Healthcare: This play takes place in different parts of a woman’s home, and explores the effects of surveillance on the female body. In 1935, in a world like ours, these women gather to rehearse for a fundraiser. Little do they know, they are also fighting for the right to their own desires and agency over their own bodies.

Sunday, April 2nd – 4:15pm (following the 2pm show)

  • Women in Education: Fornés is often called the Mother of Latinx Playwriting. For her, educating the next generation was hugely important. Join the women of the play who gather to rehearse a fundraiser to change the shape of education in 1935.