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We are in need of production assistants in costuming, set construction and more! You can learn more about specific volunteer opportunities by emailing us at


Box Office Volunteers are people who donate their time to ushering and working the concession stand during performances. In exchange for their work, box office volunteers receive a seat in the audience for the show during which they volunteer.

Interested in being a box office volunteer? Contact the box office manager, Andy Sohn, at


General Audition Requests:

Send an email to Irena Saric at indicating the project for which you wish to audition. Include your preferred audition date, approximate time, your union status (Equity, EMC, non-union), and your phone number and email address. 


Unless otherwise indicated, prepare two contrasting one-minute monologues . Please tailor your audition to our season or to the production at hand and bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

If you are reading from a side, please print a copy from our website and bring it with you to the audition.

We are hoping as much as you are that you are the right actor for the role, so please take the time to sufficiently prepare in order to show yourself in the best light.

What we’re looking for:

Riverside Theatre seeks trained, experienced AEA and non-AEA performers.  Our actors are in-the-moment, emotionally available, physically and verbally adept and able to truly talk and listen onstage.   We prefer actors who are also cooperative, collaborative and enjoyable to work with.

Above all, we seek truth. Riverside Theatre is an intimate 118-seat venue so you cannot be untruthful. Our audiences see through contrived behavior in an instant.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Do you have housing for out-of-town actors? Yes, we provide all of our out of town actors with host housing.

Do you have transportation for out-of-town actors? No, but Iowa City is imminently walkable and we do our best to house actors who lack transportation within walking distance of the theatre.

When do you rehearse?  For our winter season, we tend to rehearse in the evenings, typically from 6 to 10 pm.  We reserve the right to add rehearsal hours when needed as long as the total number of hours does not exceed AEA guidelines.  We are also amenable to working around actors’ schedules whenever possible.

Do you rehearse during the daytime?  In the winter season, we do occasionally rehearse during the day.  Our summer season is a mix of day and night time rehearsals.

Do you hire Non-Equity actors?   Yes. We hire both AEA members and professional Non-AEA actors.

Do you offer EMC points?  We don’t offer EMC points in the winter but will be offering points for our summer season, 2016.

Video Audition Policy:

 If you are unable to audition in person, we will accept a video audition under the following conditions:

Your audition needs to be recorded specifically for Riverside Theatre and for the show(s) you’re interested in.  We will not accept general auditions on video.

Please send a link to an online video on a hosting site, such as Youtube or Vimeo. E-mailed files will not be downloaded or watched. Make sure your video is set to “unlisted” instead of “private” on Youtube, otherwise we can’t watch it.

Note: It’s impossible to get an accurate sense of who you are from just a video screen so, in the interest of honesty,  those who audition in person will be given first preference.

Please address your video submissions to


We unfortunately cannot accept unsolicited scripts directly from playwrights. Scripts may be submitted by agents and professional representatives as well as all NNPN member theatres. Additionally, some unsolicited work may be considered on the strength of a professional recommendation or existing professional relationship. 

Please submit any queries directly to Artistic Director Sean Lewis at

Email us and ask to be added to our playwright list for future opportunities.

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